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Vicki King

Tardiness and Dresscode

Tardiness and Dress Code will be unforced on Monday, September 25th. Please assist us and endure your student is not issued a consequence for noncompliance to dress code (see our website) and/or school arrival. We start instruction promptly at 8:30AM.

Come check out our hallways- they are student free at the bell because we want them learning!
Repeated offenses to either if the aforementioned will result in after school and/or Saturday detentions.

Great Start

We have had such a great start to the year. The students are falling into the routine very quickly!

I have visited most of the classes already (and subbed once already too). Despite it being very warm in most rooms, it feels like home to me.
Tomorrow is an early release day so there’s bound to be a little bump or two in the road. We will get through it together though.