I am so happy to be a part of the #nmsafamily

After college, I had little success finding a full-time teaching position. I was able to secure a few substitute positions but I wasn’t fulfilling my dream. I filled out application after application with little success. I would go to interviews and be told how great I was, only I was lacking experience, but how was I supposed to gain experience unless somebody offered me the chance? Janelle Buttera mentioned on Facebook that NMSA was hiring. I had heard rumors about the North Chicago community so I was hesitant and decided I would wait. Kelly O’Connor then also mentioned on Facebook how she was just hired at NMSA and how wonderful it already was compared to her previous school she worked at. Two people from my college program both would be working at NMSA so I figured I would give it a shot, it couldn’t be all that bad, and I would already know people! I applied and on a Monday morning was asked if I could come in for an interview later that day. A few minutes after the interview, I was offered the job! Everything was happening way too quickly, but of course I accepted, my dreams were coming true! Almost immediately I knew I was part of a family. Almost all of the 7th grade staff was new so we were all there for each other; I never had a doubt that I made a wrong choice when I accepted the position, and realize now all the bad things I had heard about North Chicago were simply rumors.

It is now the beginning of the last quarter of my first year teaching and I am so happy to be a part of the #nmsafamily. We have made so many great changes this year and I have seen the students grow so much.  Joel Pollack said the other day at the high school, “we have outstanding students who deserve the very best” and I could not agree more! I tell my family stories about how proud I am of my students like they are my own children. NMSA is where I was meant to be.

-Kendell Blake

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