NMSA… A Family and a Warm, Positive Community

Prior to working at NMSA, I was a teaching assistant for two years at the middle school level in a different district. So to be honest when I applied to Neal Math and Science Academy it was because I was searching for a full time teaching position. When I was granted my opportunity as a seventh grade special education teacher at Neal Math and Science Academy I had a mixture of emotions. Anxious as a new teacher, excited for the adventure, and happy to be getting my own classroom!

Now the question is why do I choose to work here? It is simple. We have built a family and a warm, positive community. It is evident that our school district has its ups and downs but it makes it easier when there are people you work with that care about you as a person and a professional. When working with a staff where the energy is high, and the love is so real it makes work AMAZING!!  I have also found remarkable students that crave knowledge; they want to read, write, research, show, explore and dream.

When people ask me why do I teach at NMSA in North Chicago I have an easy answer to a big question. When you are surrounded by family and a community that shows love for learning and one another why be anywhere else?!

-Dan Faust

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