I love my #NMSAfamily

My first year of teaching didn’t really go as planned. I had doubts about myself in the profession I always knew I wanted to do. I allowed the mind games to get to me, to the point that there were nights I couldn’t go to sleep before 3 am. Even with support from my family, I was still having an internal struggle.

But why did I come back? I had the opportunity for a second chance, a second time to prove to myself that I am a capable teacher and there’s a purpose for me. When I came back, I thought I would see several familiar faces. However, that wasn’t the case. There were new enthusiastic and motivated teachers. Our jobs aren’t easy, the students can be difficult and the work can be overwhelming. I wouldn’t trade what began as colleagues, turned friends, and became family for another experience or staff. It makes it easier to come to work because of the people. My friends still question me if I am happier than last year, and with certainty I tell them yes, I love my #NMSAfamily. This is the place I can continue to teach and continue to learn, this is why I #CHOOSENMSA.

-Randee Gertz

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